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saletagAuthors who self-publish on Amazon's Kindle e-book platform are always looking for ways to boost their rankings and increase their profits. Pulse pricing is a simple tactic that can generate big results.

How To Pulse-Price Your Kindle e-Book

Pulse pricing is a simple concept to understand. When sales begin to lag for your Kindle e-book, you either drop the price or (if you have your e-book enrolled in the KDP Select program) run a free day promotion. When sales pick up, you bump the price up and wait until sales slow to do it over again. It's like running a short term discount sale.

Amazon give you control over 4 key areas of your e-book's sales page on their website. Price is one of the areas you can modify in order to influence your e-book's discoverability on the Amazon website.

Why Pulse-Price Your Kindle e-Book?

Gaining visibility on the Amazon marketing platform is the driving idea behind this method. As your sales increase, your book begins to show up in more cross-promotional places on the site like best seller lists and the 'Customers who bought this also bought' listings on every products sales listing page.

Amazon doesn't say how much you paid for a product when it cross-promotes you on the site. They just show your e-book and say others purchased it. The exception is the best seller list which distinguishes between giveaway books and paid books (there are separate list for each.)

Improving Your Results

You can amplify the effects of your price drops by announcing them on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and to your email subscribers (you do have all those marketing tools setup, right?)

There is a lag between the time you submit your new price on the KDP website and the new price going into effect. It usually takes less than 24 hours for me, but your results may vary. The website will say you book is under review and it will appear as though it is not available for sale. But, in my experience, the website continues to list the title at the old price until the new one is approved.

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