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I know exactly what is needed to publish a Kindle e-book, because I have already done it (7 books and counting.) To give you an idea of the process, let me describe the process I followed for my first book published on the Kindle.

When I created the special 7 Secrets of Profitable E-books video, I had the audio transcribed. That became the basis for the content of my book.

Using the transcript as a launching point, I revised the content and created an e-book (some people just publish raw transcripts, but I prefer to take the opportunity to revise and expand on the topic. Seeing your words in print gives you a new perspective on your ideas.)

After completing the manuscript, I formatted and published a PDF version of the text for the people who signed up to watch the video. This version used the basic style that I have been using for ebooks since before the Kindle was born. My template looks good when viewed as a PDF file or printed. When I set out to learn exactly what you have to do to create a Kindle e-book, I discovered that some changes were needed to me existing approach.

This makes Kindle formatting look too easy...

The Amazon Kindle Publishing Process

Preparing your book for Kindle publishing is relatively simple if you are familiar with the basic HTML coding for websites. Amazon has a few Kindle specific tags to add in, and then you can upload the file through their digital publishing platform known as Kindle Digital Publishing.

If the previous paragraph sounded like a foreign language to you, there are many templates available for Microsoft Word that will simplify the process (or you can pay a king's ransom to someone to " convert your document" for you.) You can also try our free Kindle_e-Book_Template For OpenOffice and LibreOffice if you are taking the frugal approach.

Amazon provides an online "virtual Kindle viewer" which allows you to preview your e-book in a Kindle like environment to catch and correct formatting problems before you publish.

The second major component to publishing on Amazon's Kindle is creating your sales material. This material includes the publisher's description of the content and a virtual cover. This is what appears on the item description page and Amazon. [Click here to view the 7 Secrets of Profitable E-books page as an example]

Teaching the process of e-book cover design and advertising copywriting are beyond the scope of this article. If you need help with either, there are many copywriters and graphic designers who can help you. If you want to try doing yourself, I recommend looking at other similar books and modeling your efforts after theirs.

Secret Shortcuts to Publishing Fast

Would you like to avoid the trial and error method of learning to publish on the Amazon Kindle? Well, then you are in luck. These days there are several training resources available that will lead you step-by-step through the process (wish they had been available when I was getting started.) Other than paying someone to do the work for you, this is the fastest way to get your e-book selling on the Kindle marketplace.

The Kindle Case Study - Get a backstage pass to watch Dennis Becker publish a non-fiction book on the Kindle and promote it until it becomes a steady income source. You get to see the successes and failures - no sugar coating. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone serious about publishing books on the Kindle platform.

Kindle Publishing Made Easy - This is a straight to the point step-by-step guide to preparing your manuscript and publishing it on the Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Revolution - This comprehensive guide shows more than just how to prepare and publish your book on the Kindle. It also teaches strategies to promote your book and maximize sales by using the powerful Amazon search engine to increase exposure for your book.

Kindle Profits Exposed - Comprehensive training course which includes details on picking profitable book topics and how to leverage your work to build a thriving business. Step-by-step videos guide you through all of the technical aspects of the process.

No Reason Not to Try Publishing On Kindle

There is no neat reason not to publish your e-book on the Amazon Kindle. Amazon doesn't charge anything to listed. It is very possible to do all of the formatting work yourself, and you don't even need to purchase an ISBN number to register your book.

Just think, in a few days (maybe even hours if your book is already written) you could be an author with a book for sale on

Do you know the most common reason for Bad Reviews...

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