DIY Book Forum  - Discuss all aspects of writing and publishing your books and e-books. There is even a section for self-published authors to promote their new releases.
Kindle Direct Publishing Forum - Amazon's official support forum for Kindle ebook publishers. Many active authors and publishers are accessible with lots of insight into the Kindle platform.
Digital Point Forum - A very active forum covering a wide range of marketing and online business topics.
Earn $1k a Day Forum - Hands down, the best Professional Forum for people who are serious about building an online business. They offer a $1 trial membership so you can check it out for yourself.
The Warrior Forum - The granddaddy of all Internet Marketing Forums. It's loud, it's boisterous, and it has been around forever (at least in Internet years!) Find promotional partners and marketing insights to help turn your e-book publishing into a profitable enterprise.

Online Tools and Services

Skype [FREE/Paid] - If you plan to use expert interviews in your ebook creation process, then Skype is a killer app. You can talk with people all over the world - for cheap. A variety of audio recording apps will let your capture your conversations for later transcription.
Google Docs [FREE] - If you can't afford Microsoft Word and aren't able to install Open Office, than this free web-based tool will let you create high-quality documents online through any browser. Also allows document collaboration.
Google Voice [FREE] - Get your own free local phone number (with voicemail) anywhere in the US.
Fast E-Covers Online - Powerful suite of e-cover tools available online. No more purchasing and upgrading expensive software. Access the tools anywhere you have a web connection. [FREE] - Free web-based mind-mapping application. One key benefit to this application is that it allows you to share mind maps with other people collaboratively. If you work with partners over the web, this is a must-use service.
Gmail [FREE] - Great free email application. You can forward all of your email accounts into your Gmail account and use the powerful sorting tools to manage your inbox.
Google Analytics [FREE] - The difference between amateurs and pros in the information publishing business is analytics. Tracking how you and where visitors are coming to your site (and which ones are becoming customers) can help you zero in on the key areas where you can dramatically influence your results. This free tool will tell you everything you need to know.
Facebook [FREE] - There is no better place right now for building a connection with a potential customer. Fan Pages allow you to gather people around your topic and establish your brand online.
HubPages [FREE] - Create high quality 'expert' pages on the web and link to your site. Excellent resource for building traffic to your new ebook sales website.
Squidoo [FREE] - Another experts site where you can create high quality 'expert' pages on the web and link to your site. Excellent resource for building traffic to your new ebook sales website.
Kindle Direct Publishing [FREE] - Publish your ebook directly to the Amazon Kindle Marketplace and access millions of readers around the world. Earn up to 70% commissions on sales.
Smashwords [FREE] - Publish ebooks publish ebooks on the Apple store, through Barnes & Noble, and other popular ebook sales venues from one convenient location.
Scribd [FREE]
- Publish your ebook on this document sharing site. People can view and download your ebook and share links to it with friends. A built-in community helps to connect your ebook with interested readers. There is also a new document store option that lets you sell your ebook through the site. (It's not the best place to start selling your ebook, but it will work if your options are limited.)
Twitter [FREE] - Micro blogging power house that can help you get the word out about your new ebook.
Aweber - Email marketing service that provides exceptional deliverability so you know that your messages are getting to your subscribers. Full range of tracking tools to help you fine-tune your marketing.
YouTube [FREE] - Video is hot on the Internet and YouTube is still the best resource for publishing videos online. Create book trailers and teaser videos to lead viewers to your e-book.
Google Keyword Tool [FREE] - Tap into the vast data that Google compiles about search trends. Discover related keywords and find niches where businesses are spending money to reach profitable customers.

Shopping Carts and Payment Processors

JV Zoo Shopping Cart - A highly flexible shopping cart platform that allows for Joint Venture payment splits, affiliate tracking (and integrated affiliate contests), instant commission payments, and much more...
ClickBank - Top digital product marketing and sales platform online. Huge built-in affiliate network can help you launch your product and generate massive sales.
PayPal - If you are selling online, you need a PayPal account. If you don't already have one - click the link now and set one up immediately.
Google Checkout - While not nearly as popular as PayPal, Google's payment platform is gaining momentum. It is a good backup and they are working hard for cellphone 'digital wallet' integration.
2Checkout - 2CO is a worldwide leader in payment and e-commerce solutions. Been around since 2000 so their tools and service are battle tested.
E-Junkie - Powerful, flexible, and inexpensive shopping cart solution. Integrates with PayPal for payments and other services like Aweber for email marketing. Built-in affiliate tools allow you to manage your ownbaffiliate program and list your products in their marketplace as well.

E-Cover and E-Book Designers

KillerCovers - Vaughan Davidson and company create amazing e-covers for some of the biggest marketers online. You MUST check out their samples...

E-Cover Creation Software

Cover Software Pro - Collection of Photoshop action scripts that will let you crank out professional quality e-covers.
E-Cover Creator 3D
A set of high-quality PHP scripts you can upload to your server that will allow you to design covers, convert to one of 8 different cover styles, and manage all of your cover graphics from one convenient web interface (all without needing Photoshop or any other graphics program!) YOU MUST CHECK THIS PRODUCT OUT!
E-Cover Creator
- Stand alone e-cover creation software that produces quality results for people who don't have Photoshop.
GIMP [FREE] - A feature-rich graphics editing program. While missing some of the flashier features of a program like Photoshop, GIMP has all the tools needed to do basic image processing work.
Killer eCover Scripts - Phenomenal set of Photoshop action scripts for creating a wide range of virtual covers, boxes, and more...
Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Leading professional graphic design software. Exceptionally powerful, reliable, and extendable with action scripts and style presets.
Photoshop Minisite Secrets - A powerful collection of templates, graphics, video tutorials, custom layer styles, and action scripts that will help you create professional quality e-covers and marketing sites using Photoshop.

Writing Software

Open Office [FREE] - A powerful and complete suite of office tools at the low, low price of free! The word processor portion of the package has a few quirks, but it works very well and saves files in all major formats (and exports PDF files too!) Supports document styles and filtered HTML export for streamlined e-book conversions for ePub and Kindle e-books.
MicroSoft Office - The industry standard when it comes to word processing. Works well and the latest versions will export directly to PDF format. Supports document styles and filtered HTML export for streamlined e-book conversions for ePub and Kindle e-books.
FreeMind [FREE] - Open source mind mapping software.
Scrivener - Total solution writing software fro professional writers. Organize research, manage the structure of your book, and output the finished manuscript in a variety of formats (including e-book files ready for Kindle publishing.)
WriteWay - Another total solution writing software fro professional writers. Organize
research, manage the structure of your book, and output the finished manuscript in a variety of formats (including e-book files ready for Kindle publishing.)

Transcription Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking - Turn talk into text. Dragon turns ideas into text at the speed of thought so you can communicate more freely and persuasively. Just say words and watch them appear on the computer screen--three times faster than typing--with no typos! Tell your PC what to do, and it obeys your commands.
Dragon Dictation - Speech-recognition software designed exclusively for the Mac. Included Dragon Remote Microphone application turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless microphone. Powered by the state-of-the-art Dragon v11 speech-recognition engine from Nuance.

Transcription Services

Casting Words - Fast, easy transcripts priced by the minute.
Same Day Transcriptions - The name says it all. Fast work done well. In business since 2002, they have produced over 1 million transcriptions for thousands of satisfied clients.
Transcribe Me - Using a hybrid model of speech recognition technology with real professional transcribers, they generate transcripts that are 98%+ accurate sent to your email inbox.
Transcription-Team - Are you writing an e-book and would like to speak the information and have it typed for you? They provide the specialized transcription services you are looking for.
Transcription Hub - Transcripts done by people (not machines.) Pricing tiers based on turnaround times.
Transcription Wave - Audio transcription services for all digital formats of recorded audio. Pricing calculator will provide an estimate for your project.
Verbal Fusion - A 100% U.S. based service with 36 hour turn-around times for audio recordings of any length.
Verbal Ink - Turn your spoken words into print. Accurate and affordable transcripts. Simply upload your recording to their secure website and, in as quickly as a few hours, your friendly Account Executive will email your completed transcript to you.

Editorial Services

Typo Finders - They thoroughly inspect your document, verifying spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, syntax, misplaced modifiers, clarity of meaning, style, consistency, and sentence structure. They also check spacings and alignments. They will even (gently) offer suggestions for improving your writing - if they think it needs a little help.

General Freelance Services - The world’s largest and fastest-growing online workplace. Find skilled contractors for nearly any job you can think of from writing to editing and proofreading along with talented people to build a website too. - Over 1,700,000 rated & tested professionals available and ready to work for you. -  The world's largest outsourcing marketplace, empowering entrepreneurs & small businesses worldwide with the talent they need to succeed. - Got five dollars? Well, you can find someone on this site who will do nearly any simple task you can think of for that price.

Other Useful Software

Kompozer [FREE] - Full featured HTML and CSS editor.
Caliber [FREE] - E-book formatting, conversion, and management software. Creates files
that are appropriate for the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.
CamStudio [FREE] - Open source screen capture software. Make a video recording of your computer screen. It has its quirks, but the price is right.
Camtasia - Industry leading screen capture software. Record on-screen activity, add imported media, create interactive content, and share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device.
Audacity [FREE] - Open-source audio recording and editing software. Produces professional quality results as good as most professional sound recording software packages.
MicroNiche Finder - If you want to discover niche topics that have the perfect mix of competition and popularity, this is the software you need. Check out the free tutorial videos to see what this program can really do for you.
MobiPocket Creator [FREE] - E-book formatting and conversion software. Creates files that are ready for upload to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform.
Sigil [FREE] - WSYWYG e-book editing software that outputs ePub formatted files. ePub is the preferred format for Nook, iPad, and countless other e-readers. It is also one of the default input formats for the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.
WordPress [FREE] - The worlds most popular open-source content management systems for running your own websites. Easy to setup and use. Simple to modify with free themes and plugins. Professional results.
Optimize Press - Powerful premium theme for use on WordPress-based websites. Quickly and easily create a powerful e-book selling website. Check out the video presentation for more details about everything this theme can do.

Training: Books, Videos, and Audios

Conversion Profits - Powerful step-by-step training to help you get the maximum sales from your website traffic. Essential skills for marketing online.
Meatball Copywriting - Learn a powerful strategy for blasting out highly persuasive sales copy...FAST!!!
Pricing for Big Profits - This is essential reading. Learn the psychology behind pricing your products and get the maximum number of sales and the best profits per sale.
Small Changes Big Profits - Another essential guide for anyone selling online. Learn how to test small changes to your website that can have a huge impact on your sales.

Web Hosting

1&1 Internet, Inc. -
HostGator -
NameCheap -

Websites and Blogs

IM Insights Blog - Marketing tips and longer form articles to help you make more sales.
Earn $1K a Day Blog - Marketing insights from the founder of one of the best professional marketing forums online.