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Preparing a document for publishing on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform is not as complicated as many people make it out to be. The main thing to do is utilize style sheets when creating your documents instead of directly setting font styles and sizes.

I have put together a very straight-forward template that you can use to create a Kindle-ready ebook. You can either open a new document based on this template and start typing directly, or apply the styles from this template to an existing document.

I am currently working on some screen capture videos that demonstrate the whole process step-by-step.  Until those are ready, here is the template for you to experiment with:

Download the Free Template from our Facebook Page:

Kindle e-Book Template for OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Word

The page dimension of this template are set to approximate the screen size of the typical Kindle reader device. But, the page size attributes will be ignored during the conversion process. These settings are just to help you better visualize how the finished book will appear.

Once you have created or converted your book using the template, update the table of contents data and then export the book as a filtered HTML file.

Open/Libre Office will place the HTML file and all images in one directory on your hard drive. Place all these files into a single ZIP file and you can then upload them directly into the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

You can also save your document as a Word file (.doc) and upload that or use Calibre or MobiPocket Creator to generate a .mobi or .prc ebook file from the HTML which can then be uploaded directly into the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Make sure to preview your entire book using the tools Amazon provides before publishing your ebook to the world. Nothing will give you a bad reputation faster than a book that contains sloppy formatting mistakes that could have easily been corrected.

If you have questions about using the template, leave a comment and I will do my best to address them for you.

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